The International Women’s Day Is a Day of Women’s Rights


A photo of myself shot during #IWD2018 at Royal Palace Hotel, Bujumbura

On March 8, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day. This day has been celebrated since the 20th century when women started making their voices heard in public spheres calling for the fight against inequalities against them. This year, the theme chosen by the United Nations is: “Time is now: rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”

In Burundi, the Government has chosen the theme: “Rural and Urban Actors Together Transforming the Life of Women”. It was in Kayanza that the Government and its partners met for this purpose.
Action Aid International Burundi, one of the  key partners of the Government of Burundi for more than 30 years in the fight against poverty celebrated this day with its youth grouped within the  Activista movement  (Activista is a global youth movement of Action Aid  for  Human Rights and  development ) . “This event took place in Bujumbura at the Royal Palace Hotel under the slogan” Women won’t wait: Act Now “.

A hundred young people joined other partners of Action Aid International Burundi to give special attention to women.

Action Aid International Burundi Country Director , Beata Musabyemariya ,  in her opening remarks of this activity entirely devoted to women emphasized   that this day, as the UN recalls, is not a women’s day but a day dedicated to women’s rights because “we have all 365 days of the year” to celebrate the woman. She reiterated the commitment of her organization to promote the life of Burundian women and to work with the Burundian Government for the empowerment of women.  “Women’s rights are embedded in the DNA of our organization. At Action Aid, it’s not a coincidence that we celebrate and give special attention to this Day “, she added.

As one of the leaders in the Activista movement , Indundi Magazine interviewed me  whereby I  expressed my gratitude and satisfaction in these words: Women are the essential pillar of sustainable development. As young people, we are more than ever determined to join all stakeholders especially  women to fight against all forms of injustice towards them; the life of the Burundian woman won’t be the same after this Day. We thank the Government of Burundi for the mobilization made around this Day, but we also recall that much remains to be done for the rights of women. We thank and encourage Action Aid International Burundi for its contribution to the development of Burundi in general and that of Burundian women in particular.

Appolinaire Nishirimbere



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