African Paradox: Rich but poor

1e avril

The African paradox: A naturally rich but financially poor Africa!
Who has never asked this question, why Africa is full of resources that Africans have never benefited from?

According to a survey conducted by the High level group led by the former South African head of state Tabo Mbeki, Africa loses $ 70 billion annually in illicit financial flows.

The causes? They are of many kinds; in the meantime the Africans are aware of the gravity of the situation and are now rising to redress the situation. The solution has to be found by the Africans for Africans themselves.

It is in this perspective that, Tax Justice Network-Africa(TJN-A) and local associations have brought  together different tax justice stakeholders to launch the international/Panafrican campaign #Stopthebleeding , with the aim of ending illicit financial flows from Africa. This campaign is launched after the celebration; by the same organisations, of the commemorative week of the first anniversary of the Panamanian documents or Panama papers . The  “panama papers” scandal  revealed thousands of documents attesting  how multinational companies , wealthy individuals, businessmen , sports celebrities etc. hide their wealth in tax havens (Panama).

On 11th and 12th , Burundian civil society organizations like Initiative Citoyenne pour l’Environnement Developpement Durable (ICED)  and LIGUE Izere Ntiwihebure in collaboration with  TJN-A are launching this campaign in Burundi, with as a battleground, to encourage governments to put in place effective, adequately operational and progressive tax systems by establishing tax policies that curb illicit financial flows from Africa, which is the only way to reach the economic independence of Africa.

By Appolinaire Nishirimbere


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